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More Google Tools for Schools

Begins 06/10/2015

Expanding on the focus of Google Tools for Schools, More Google Tools aids teachers in developing their technology skills while using free online tools to enhance their instruction and meet the needs of 21st century learners. This course focuses on the implementation of Google Sites with support from corresponding apps, widgets, and Chrome extensions to support learning and teaching in the classroom.

During the seven weeks of this course, participants will learn about a selection of Google Tools as they develop their own website. Each week they will integrate additional tools to help build a robust online environment. Each tool will be investigated for what it does and how it works. Participants will discuss their ideas for the use of websites and the various supporting tools in their classroom and explore how each additional tool integrates into the site to support collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. The culminating project for the course will be a website leveraging the participants choice of Google Tools to support its instructional purpose.