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Innovative Teacher Leaders Winter 2018

Begins 02/21/2018

Part of the Digital-Age Educators program, Innovative Teacher Leaders will guide teachers in becoming a digital leader in their schools and in the educational community at large. Teachers are today’s experts in the use of technology to allow instruction to take students far beyond anything they were once able to do in the classroom. Today’s leaders have a professional presence online and interact globally, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and promoting their own personal skills and talents in today's fast-paced world of education.

This online course will enable teachers to

  • Learn about available ISTE resources and standards
  • Create a personal PLN that provides the support and information they are seeking
  • Explore theories of adult learning
  • Explore the many roles teachers may play in a school community
  • Learn ways to build trusting relationships with peers
  • Explore LinkedIn and professional organizations for educators
  • Explore resources for educational technology trends and how they may impact the students of today.