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Going Visual: Using and Creating Infographics for Learning Fall 2018

Begins 10/03/2018

Infographics are charts or diagrams which condense complex information or data into a form that is simpler, clearer and more easily understood by the reader.  Today’s technologies have made infographics more popular than ever, but they have been used for centuries to communicate complex information, making them effective tools for teaching and learning.  Current forms of infographics make content more engaging and accessible, help prevent information overload, make it easier for learners to see patterns and trends, and enable faster information processing than purely text-based forms of communication.

Online tools have made infographics creation easier for both teachers and students.  In this  course, you will learn about types and sources of existing infographics, how to use infographics in your teaching for content delivery, assessment and communication, how to design and build your own infographics, and how to follow best practices for infographic creation and information communication.  You will also create a plan for implementing the use of infographics in your teaching.

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