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Empowering Learners with PBL Summer 2018

Begins 06/13/2018

Ensuring students are #FutureReady means more than just utilizing technology within the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Today’s students need to be able to think critically while collaborating with peers to solve ill-structured real-world problems. PBL is an instructional approach that provides students the chance to develop unique solutions to authentic problems and promotes meaningful learning of domain knowledge during the project.  In this course, teachers will learn about the essential elements of PBL, how to design student-centered PBL experiences, and how to use technology to enhance PBL.  Designed for K-12 teachers in any discipline area, this course will also provide teachers the chance to connect PBL to content-area standards, to begin developing a meaningful PBL experience for their students and to foster a classroom culture that empowers students to take risks and to take an active role in learning.

This online course will enable participants to:

  • Justify PBL as an effective strategy in 21st Century Classrooms

  • Create an empowering classroom culture in which PBL can thrive

  • Incorporate scaffolding which will support student-led inquiry during PBL experiences

  • Plan and develop a PBL experience for use with their own students

  • Identify how student voice and choice are essential to project-based learning experiences

  • Incorporate technology into PBL experiences to enhance PBL outcomes

  • Identify assessment methods which will provide evidence of student learning during the PBL experience

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