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Digital Citizenship Summer 2018

Begins 06/13/2018

Dealing with cyberbullying, privacy, safety, and other digital dilemmas is a real challenge for today’s schools. But technology also provides incredible opportunities for students to learn, connect, create, and collaborate in ways never before experienced. In Digital Citizenship, part of the Digital-Age Educator program, teachers will look at issues such as digital footprints, evaluating websites, teaching students to avoid copyright issues, the Open Ed movement, and automated personalization. Exploring resources and considering how they will introduce various topics will leave teachers with new understandings and definite plans for moving forward.

This online course will enable participants to

  • Explore the meaning of digital citizenship and the rights and responsibilities they have in keeping students safe, legal, and ethical
  • Learn ways to reduce their digital footprint and control the information that gets posted about them
  • Learn about the laws that govern the use of content, photos, graphics and other media in the classroom
  • Evaluate several strategies for teaching students how to determine if the website they are reading is credible
  • Explore resources that offer cyber-bullying programs and presentations and select a strategy for implementation in their classroom
  • Learn about automated personalization and the positive and negative consequences
  • Gain an understanding of the Open Ed movement.
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