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Best Practices in Early Childhood Education Template

On Demand

This course examines the role of behavior expectations, movement, development of routines, visual prompts, and the addition of technology in the early learning environment. Teachers will share resources and develop implementation plans as they advance their skills and meet other early educators.

This online course will enable educators to:

  • understand the importance of being consistent with expectations and the outcome of not following the expectations.
  • explore the importance of having their classroom arranged to facilitate learning.
  • develop a floor plan of their current classroom and indicate changes they are considering making.
  • learn how to incorporate calm movement into daily routine.
  • understand the benefits movements has on learning.
  • explore the use of visual cues that help students learn.
  • understand the role social stories can play in helping students make good choices.
  • create a visual for use in their current classroom.
  • explore online resources and tools that they may want to implement in their classrooms.
  • explore how technology can be used to enhance the learning of students with challenges in visual or hearing acuity and processing.
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