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Differentiated Instruction: Empowering All Learners Fall 2018

Begins 10/03/2018

Part of the eMINTS Foundations series, Differentiated Instruction: Empowering All Learners provides teachers with a structured framework and strategies to teach a diverse group of learners in a single classroom. Implementing Differentiated Instruction transforms a teacher into a facilitator of learning – guiding students as they explore and master the curriculum using their unique learning styles and strengths individually and collaboratively. This course will engage teachers in developing lessons that will embed flexibility for learning styles, involve students at their instructional level, use interest and choice as motivational tools, and utilize ongoing assessment. Teachers will learn how to differentiate the content (what to teach), the process (how to teach it), and the product (demonstrating what the learner knows, understands, and is able to do) to meet individual learning styles. And, of course, how to manage this differentiated classroom will be addressed. While this course does not address specific content standards, teachers’ final lesson project will reference their own content area standards.

This online course will enable teachers to

  • Identify benefits and discuss reasons for pursuing differentiated instruction
  • Compare and contrast differentiated instruction with their current teaching style
  • Discuss and select content, process, and products that address interests, readiness, and learning style/multiple intelligences of a diverse student population
  • Identify and select appropriate instructional strategies that support learner diversity
  • Develop learning units using differentiated instruction including differentiating content, process, and product.
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